How Would The Citizens Benefit From Letting Them Own A Gun

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We all know that handling a gun corresponds with such a big responsibility, we, as a civilian citizens, are required to comply all legalization documents for us to avail the right of owning one. Since today that violence is such an ordinary thing happening in or inside every home, women, children and innocent individuals are being harassed, do you think, it is a safe practice to let everybody own e gun for self – defense? Let’s try to look at the bright side of it. There are a lot of campaigns in the United States that are encouraging the government that every citizen will be having the right to own a gun for their own protection against any abuse and harassment, like rape cases that truly are very rampant in all corners of the world, this may be is the best solution for what our abusive society is facing nowadays.

pistolj4The vast majority feels a lot safer of owning and having a gun in anywhere they go, according to national survey, majority of those who claimed that having a personal gun is for the protection as their top reason is almost half of the number of recorded gun owners and few are using their guns for any other personal purposes such as hunting, sports, and any other minor purposes. As protection is the top benefit sited, it is said and encouraged that every family must own at least a gun inside their home premises. Only a few is having a negative approach about this because of the accident reasons that is just a rare case to happen if guns are just being kept or placed in the safest area of the house, most especially, not allowed to be reached and seen by children.

There is almost an equal outlook towards the option of having or not having a gun, the strict law of gun controls and for allowing everyone to have their own. It is a tough decision to make for letting every republican own a gun even if majority agrees for their protection, yet fewer are afraid of the mass shooting or suicidal incidents but the partisan widened the overall attitude of knowing what truly is more important, the protection of the right of the Americans to own guns or the importance of gun ownership control which resulted to the agreement that majority comes with the greater importance of gun rights protection than of the ownership control.

gunsWould people feel and be safer when having a personal gun? Such a tough question to answer; yet, the majority says that they enjoy and feel more secured than those who do not own a personal gun that they may legally bring anytime and anywhere they go, would this be an enough reason for all the Americans to enjoy this kind of privilege?  Accidents may be prevented but violence is inevitable, why not let everyone protect their own self rights before things happen?


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The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Gun

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Millions of people in the world right now have guns. After being so restricted before only for usage of licensed enforcers, now they have grown commercially that anyone could own a gun. There are millions of reasons for you to have a gun. It only depends on how you use it though.

Some acquire guns to look stylish, which may be a very shallow reason but some people do it. They have guns to be just accessories. Also in relation to this, the reason behind purchasing a gun might also be for social shooting (cowboy action shooting, skeet, sporting clays, etc.). Some of you might purchase because of family legacy. For example, if your parents are gun owners, it would be fitting if they would be passing the tradition to the new generation, though this type of ownership depends largely on the members themselves, of course, whether they are comfortable of carrying out the legacy of carrying guns or owning one.
ownOne of the most valid reasons, however, for owning a gun is if you are into the sport of hunting or for other purposes. This may actually give you enough reason to have a collection of guns for different occasions or targets, big or small. Though some hunters still prefer to use the classical bow and arrow, nothing beats the use of a gun for a more successful and quick hunt. Some of you who are into target shooting also might find the desire of owning a gun. It’s also a famous activity in today’s modernized world. There’s even a competition for such. This provides you some focus and a sense of belonging and, as a sport, gives you a sense of competitiveness.

Self-defense may be the single most important reason for you to purchase a gun. With crime rates in the world today, there’s nothing wrong if you decide to protect yourself with a firearm. Defending yourself is your own right. Even the police and various forms of authority couldn’t even control crime nor can they predict when and where it occurs. Robbers, gangs, street thugs, or even drunk people are possible dangers in the community. Because crime is unpredictable, it happens anytime and anywhere, so you better prepare yourself for those circumstances. Not only that you can use it to protect yourself, but you could also use it to protect others in times of need. In the world of uncertainly, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

kocka slika pistolj4With firearms also being a fine piece of machinery, some take pleasure instudying its mechanism. Gun as an investment is also one reason since their value rarely decline, depending on its usage of course. Some of you might purchase guns for collection purposes especially those who have historical value. Specifically, some of you out there collectors may prefer military firearms especially those whose family who have served during the times of war.

You may have different reasons for purchasing and owning a gun, but whatever it may be, please also make sure that you handle it with care for other’s sake and your sake.


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What Does The Second Amendment For Personal Guns Mean?

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The amendment II or the second amendment of the United States constitution covers the right of the citizenry to bear and keep guns or arms that is allowed and belonged to all private citizens, also stated that the kind of right is equal to which of the federal constitution.  It was in the 15th of December in 1791, when the second amendment was adopted by the United States Bill of Rights considered to be part of the 10 amendments.

kocka slika pistolj6The said amendment is stating and giving the right for the citizenry to bear and own guns and other kinds of fire arms. It is actually influenced by the English Bill of Rights, that is called to be the auxiliary right by William Blackstone in 1689, this is the right to fight against any oppression or a practice of self- defense supporting all private citizens for any assaults and harassment.

It is actually stated by the United States Supreme Court that the right of the citizenry to carry and own firearms is prohibited and constitutionally not granted. Despite this said amendment, many private organizations and groups are having a campaign of giving everybody the right to own a personal gun for protection purposes, thus, this is not being totally prohibited and some states are letting private citizen carry arms in concealed or secret manner that will not threaten their fellow citizens.

pistolj2The government has a half way decision of allowing all the citizens to have the right of keeping firearms just the same as of the military men but as a citizen, you know it within yourself the importance of having a gun anywhere you go freely and legally, you may not know whatever may happen to you most especially when you visit such unfamiliar places. The government also has an obvious reason why they are in doubt of it because of the threat and abuse of the private individuals upon carrying it in public. Though police and military men are considered so reliable, there will be also some times of emergency cases that incidents may be uncontrollable, just like in a hostage situation, where the oppressor is armed while the victim is not, is such a dangerous and tough moment when the victim is so helpless right before the police respond. Thinking about the protection of the victim, this would  make everybody automatically suggest and agree of having gun anytime and anywhere as long as it is fully covered by all means of the law, still keeping the safety and the confidence of everybody to live and enjoy public premises without any fear and intimidation. Owning a gun has too many advantages that are hard to deny and be set aside, keeping this kind of campaign would promote a better community which is harmless and criminal cases will be reduced. All it takes is for the government to follow up all the regulations and policies, securing them to be implemented as strict as possible.


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The Kids And The Guns

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If you are one of those gun owners who carry guns for protection, hunting or hobby, or just for social use, one thing you should always bear in mind is its correct usage and safekeeping. Especially in the house where you’re not the only occupant, you should also bear in mind of its safekeeping, most especially if you have children in the house. There’s no doubt that guns are one of the most effective weapon against intruders but also take note that is also a very dangerous item to have especially when around kids. This issue should never be taken lightly and should never be taken for granted.


Your decision to acknowledge the accountability to become skilled at, put into practice, and teaches gun safety to your children will find out the amount of your children’s protection as a firearm owner.

kocka slika pistolj8If you possess firearms in the house, it would be advisable if you share your knowledge regarding guns to your children. The fact that you are keeping a gun in the house coupled with your children’s curiosity is much dangerous don’t you think, rather than teaching them on the exact usage and dangers of such. This is a far more effective approach to the issue. Telling them to stay away from the firearm might only lead to trigger their curiosity on the guns and may cause serious trouble if unguarded properly. If your children has toy guns, that would be a perfect example to start with. Educate them regarding the difference between the toy guns that they play with and the real guns that are used by licensed citizens. Awareness is a very important aspect especially with kids.


Aside from safety precautions with guns within the house, you should also be able to identify other places where your children may be exposed to guns. For example, they might hang out with their friends at their friends’ houses, and their parents might have firearms in the house. As this is beyond your control as it is outside your house, you should discuss with the parents firearm safety.


Hopefully they don’t take it the wrong way with you discussing with them as they might feel that you don’t think they are not responsible enough with the firearms. Just make sure that you make yourself clear and that you understand each other that you’re just concerned for your child’s safety. If still after your discussion you don’t feel comfortable having your child stay at somebody else’s house with guns all over the place then you have the option to restrict your children from staying there or your could consider hosting the kids.


The increasing demand of guns in the house is hard to ignore especially with intruders at night stealing your stuff, but in accordance to the responsibility of acquiring a gun, safety measures must be strictly observed especially in houses with children. Protecting your family is your number one priority and sharing with them the knowledge and teaching them how to use guns in case of emergency are the best way to protect them.



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